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The STARLight Center – Coming in 2023!

The Fairfield County Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Board (ADAMH) announced the STARLight Center will be located at 336 E. Locust Street in Lancaster and will house facilities able to treat eight mental health patients and 12 people battling substance use. The STARLight will be the first of its kind in Fairfield County and will be staffed with nurse practitioners, clinicians, and counselors. The creation of the STARLight Center fulfills a promise made to the community in the 2019 ADAMH Levy. 


Community Pledge

The Fairfield County Starlight Center is committed to the health and well-being of every member of the community, and pledges to extend exceptional resources and care to those in need of immediate support.


  • We recognize healthy communities are the foundation of healthy lives and that we can only be as successful as the community and neighborhoods in which we operate.


  • We pledge to offer healing in a superior facility operated by superior staff, while remaining cognizant of our neighbors, our stakeholders, and the families of those who are healing.


  • We also pledge to be socially responsible and exemplary in following health and safety guidelines while protecting the rights and privacy of those we support.


  • We will remain good stewards of Fairfield County and good friends to our neighbors.