Marcy Fields, LISW-S, Interim Executive Director
Marcy Fields, LISW-S
Executive Director
Office Manager
Shanda Wyrick, BSBA, Finance and Operations Director
Shanda Wyrick, BSBA
Finance and Operations Director
Dawn R. Good, MSW, LSW, CCMC, Clinical Care Coordinator
Dawn R. Good, MSW, LSW, CCMC
Clinical Care Coordinator
Miranda Gray, MS, Program Coordinator
Miranda Gray, MS
Program Coordinator
Connie Vargo. Finance Assistant
Connie Vargo
Fiscal Officer
Toni Ashton, MSEd, LSW, OCPC, Prevention Coordinator
Toni Ashton, MSEd, LSW, OCPC
Prevention Coordinator
Jacqueline Howard, Public Relations Coordinator
Jacqueline Howard
Public Relations Coordinator
Randall Hall, Construction and Facilities Manager
Randall Hall
Construction and Facilities Manager
Justine Feinstein, Senior IT Specialist
Justine Feinstein
Senior IT Specialist
Robert Peare, Database Developer
Robert Peare
Database Developer
Dylan Sander, grant manager
Dylan Sander
Grant Manager