Jonathan McCombs, Ph.D.

Board Member

Jonathan McCombs is an educator and former police officer and investigator, and he holds a Master of Science and a doctoral degree in criminal justice. His dissertation topic was a study of problem-based learning in law enforcement in-service training. An extensive career of over 20 years in public safety and higher education provided experience in narcotics investigations, intelligence analysis, antiterror investigations, gun-trafficking investigations, street patrol, campus law enforcement administration, higher education administration, and advanced training. As an industry expert in the field of law enforcement, problem-based learning, and online learning, Jonathan is currently the dean of the College of Health and Public Administration at Franklin University where he has been involved in many significant strategic partnership initiatives that advance access to higher education for students and develop innovative workplace education solutions. He is the executive director of the Center for Public Safety and Cybersecurity Education, which includes public safety, public administration, and cybersecurity-related degree programs and innovative workplace education initiatives.